What are the different kinds of accommodation?

Most of the time, when people talk about accommodation, they are just talking about hotels. There are multiple kinds of accommodation outside of hotels which is why you need to learn more. Let’s talk about the other kinds so you won’t get confused.

While you can understand the basics of accommodation because of the popularity of hotels, you have probably not heard of the others. This matters because you have to know what place you’re going to. For every special location, there is usually an accommodation area that will be present. 

You can know what to expect when you learn more about an area and how accommodation is done there. Now, let’s dive into what you can expect from places like Mdoni House and many more.


Lodges have lost some of their lustre as of late but they are still one of the best places to go to for accommodation. A lodge is usually smaller than a hotel but it is typically a house or a hut out in the countryside. When there is a lodge, you can expect people will go to that spot to stay for a holiday. 

Active people love to go to lodges because there is space for them to exercise. Nature lovers also have similar thoughts of lodges since they love the space. They love the surrounding area outside of the lodge. When you see a lodge, you should expect some recreational activities in the area. This differs with what area you’re in but there are some hiking, hunting, skiing, and many more. Lodges are the way to go if you’re going out on a nature-focused trip.


A hotel is seen as a premium accommodation for many even if there are some cheaper options out there. The connotation for hotels is that it is a fancy accommodation but most of the time, people prefer a comfortable and convenient place to stay. 

Hotels can range from the fanciest area like a five-star hotel to accessible places in the city. You can expect hotels to pop up in the urban areas which is why there are so many options out there. You should be familiar with hotels since this is key to the modern way of life. Hotels are there to serve as the primary accommodation for people visiting a certain area. It can also serve as a temporary dwelling for an extended visit.

Bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast is one of the most relaxing accommodation spots in the world. They typically are focused on helping the customers be as relaxed as possible. This is usually a quiet area because people love to go to B&Bs and just relax and get a massage. 

It is not a premium experience like a hotel but it works because some people love a simple relaxing place to stay while having the access to food that feels like home. 

These are just some of the kinds of accommodation that you will encounter. Just keep looking for places that best fit your trip.

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